Ranking top NFL draft QBs
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April 10, 2012

I study quarterbacks. Literally, that's what I do, pretty much year-round. During the NFL season, I'm addicted to the tape when I'm not in airports. During the draft process, I'll go through footage ...
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Trent, where's your follow up? I really wanted to see what you had to say about Moore, Wilson, Keenum, Harris, & Brantley! The 4th round is starting!
142 Days ago
GREAT article Trent
153 Days ago
I doubt Cousins or Osweiler ever amount to much. There's a reason no QB above 6-5 or so ever amounted to much (and please don't tell me about Don Strock) and as for Cousins, he made at least one costly mistake every game I saw the Spartans play the last two years.
156 Days ago
Tex 10 
So what if Weeden is 28? Take him and draft another qb in 5 or 6 yrs.His experience and maturety will be a plus not a negative!
158 Days ago
Where is Case Keenum on this list? Will a team give him a shot?
158 Days ago
Robert Klitgaard 
Superb information and analysis, well presented. Congratulations.
159 Days ago
Weeden is the 3rd best QB available, the guy is a beast and all around athlete. I think he will do well right away and be a steal for some team. I didn't see enough of the others except Foles, who I like to learn as a backup for year or few.
159 Days ago
I saw several games all listed above. Weeden is #2 for me. Griffin is a better athlete but not a better QB. Tannehill is wildly over rated. Check the stats: Weeden +10% better completion rate, 980+ more yards, 3:1 TD to pick ration versus 2:1 for Tannehil....I don't know what everyone is looking at but Weeden is closer to starting than Tannehill or Griffin. The age issue is crap.
158 Days ago
I'm glad Dilfer started contributing articles. He's one of the best football guys on ESPN
159 Days ago
I like that Nick Foles was included in this article. I do believe he has the potential to be a top QB in the NFL with some time and the right coaching. Would be a sneaky pick for Kansas City in the 2nd or 3rd round even.
159 Days ago
Statistics say Luck or RG3 will be a bust (or not be what is expected). After that the rest of these guys are going to be average QB's at best and likely many will be BU's if they are lucky. AND lets stop talking about Russell Wilson or Kellen Moore. Please these guys were nice college QB's but not NFL material. Tim Tebow is better than all of them and we know what his ceiling is.
160 Days ago
Stats say a lot of things and you can warp stats to say just about anything you want. Ask KC Joyner. As GyroFlesh pointed out many solid QBs come out of the late rounds and can develop into quality starters. The idea that these QBs have no prospect for success is absurd. What you should be saying is if Tebow can lead a team to the playoffs than these guys have a good shot at the least becoming solid back ups. And I don't understand what Russell or Kellen couldn't make it in the NFL. I'll admit to being baised as I got to see Russell in action as a Badger season ticket holder but the kid has an arm on him and he throws with incredible ease. He'll need to some coaching in the pros but he's not going to be drafted as a starter and neither will Kellen.
159 Days ago
tebow is not better than any of them, from a throwing standpoint at least
159 Days ago
History would argue against this statement. It is interesting to see the number of starting QBs that were a late round pick or undrafted. Tony Romo: Undrafted Tom Brady: 6th Round Ryan Fitzpatrick: 7th round Matt Flynn: 7th round Matt Hassellbeck: 6th round Matt Moore: Undrafted Drew Brees: 2nd round Matt Schaub: 3rd round John Skeleton: 5th round
159 Days ago
What about Stephen Garcia?
160 Days ago
former QB From South Carolina, good arm, alcohol issues.
158 Days ago
160 Days ago
Good story
160 Days ago
Nick Foles welcome to Denver. The kid has already said he would love to learn under Manning and what better way to start your career than to learn under a Hall of Famer. Osweiler is going in the 2nd rd and Denver will be getting an IMPACT player in the 2nd rd that can PLAY now vs 3-4 years down the line
160 Days ago
Poor Russel Wilson
160 Days ago
will be better than most on this list
159 Days ago
Trent Dilfer talking about the "BEST" quarterbacks is an oxymoron.
160 Days ago
Yeah, someone who was a top 10 pick, played QB for over 10 years in the NFL, and was the starting QB for a Super Bowl winning team has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
160 Days ago
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