Story of Manti Te'o girlfriend a hoax news services
January 17, 2013

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame says a story about Manti Te'o's girlfriend dying, which he said inspired him to play better as he helped the Fighting Irish get to the BCS National Championship, turned...
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Not the dumbest football player ever--but someone to match the intelligence level of most coaches.
149 Days ago 
I watched the Katie Couric interview and I do not think Manti had anything to do with the hoax. I think he is a victim. I'm old enough to be of 2 worlds so to speak, the world before the internet and cell phones and this new world of media we are in. People are cruel and mean, we know this. Example: Jeffrey Dahmer could have had 100s of victims if he had lived in this media outlet. It's a scary time. I know too well the Samoan culture... they know each other or have heard of each other, it's a big culture with a huge dedication base to football. Football is a way out. The person that committed this hoax is Samoan and it appears tried to play this hoax on other Samoan athletes. Call it jealousy, a sick joke, etc. Here is a young religious man, stressed out, going to school, pressures of football, nfl, etc. A woman that "voice verifies" she's real, listens to his problems, gives him emotional comfort, etc - if you're "emotionally" lonely and find someone you can talk to and the key, "build a fantasy story" with is NOT uncommon. Yes, should he have met her in person? Absolutely. Clearly there is a REAL woman involved pretending to be Lennay. What can easily start off as a prank, a joke, can go too far. I understand that he could feel utterly humiliated and embarrassed that he built an entire fantasy around a woman he never actually met but I have numerous of friends whom met people online and long distance that felt they were in love. But this, has NOTHING to do with his ability as a football player and what he did for the team. PERIOD.
188 Days ago
Basically, he's a man that took a chance on a stranger that he had online communication with for years. His life is busy so he doesn't explore if the person is real when it was just an online/phone friendship. He grew to rely on the friendship and then she has an accident and he got sucked into her drama and wanting to be supportive. If this woman was real and he married her, everyone would applaud him -- LOVE no matter what the circumstances is a 50/50 gamble. And lets face it, half the people in the world now-a-days meet their mate online. Manti probably thought, he was the half that was meeting his mate online.
188 Days ago
Think about this, this is no different than a simple example of online dating and you communicate with someone on lets say Match and then you meet in person and they look nothing like their photo that was 20 years old. What is happening here with him is an extended version of that but sadly, this an ugly cruel joke. His grandmother died, that enough could have been used in the media to hype him. He's an outstanding player that had focus on him long before the dead fake girlfriend.
188 Days ago
Setting my DVR for Katie Couric today - first on-camera interview. In the promos he's crying a lot, but not sure yet if there's any sincerity there.
190 Days ago
Can't wait to find out who the VOICE of Lennay Kekua supposedly was? Maybe they will wait until Te'o gets his first NFL contract so they can afford to pay some girl to say she was the voice all along.
191 Days ago
193 Days ago
Te'o is clearly in on this hoax. No one is asking one central question here: MOTIVE. Why would these churchy kids play this prank on a jock if he wasn't in on it?? Unless this Ronaiah kid is a closet homosexual... Next how was it that Te'o was friendly with the pranksters without being suspicious at all? This is a Notre Dame student... He's not that stupid. Also, howd RT convince others to help him? Now they all need some twisted motive, esp the girl who spent hours on the phone with him every night... Makes no sense. Even for kids. Clearly Teo is in on his and shame on espn n all news outlets for shoddy reporting and aiding a coverup by not asking the real hard questions just to protect themselves and a good old boy story about ND. Lame!
193 Days ago
I live in CA... I'm sure the DA is not permitting him and others to speak about certain aspects of this ongoing investigation. Key words: ongoing investigation. The laws are simple - you are not allowed to impersonate someone and steal their identity however, this is a fictitious person so law is blurred here. Sadly, thus far the only person who could press legal charges is the real woman who's photos were used. They will use this incident to lock down and go after people for "catfishing" and don't be surprise if new federal laws are made from this extremely public incident. As of now, there are no laws that truly define this and it happens all the time - he just happen to be a public figure.
188 Days ago
You have hit the nail on the head. Who is the $@%!$@ girl who played the voice of the fake girlfriend? That is the only question that matters right now. Without public knowledge of who this girl is, it just seems like Te'o is in on the hoax. The reason it's so important is because whoever that girl is, wouldn't it seem likely that Manti Te'o would be placing his emphasis and blame for the hoax on this girl rather than some male named Ronaiah Touisosomething? It's not like he spent hours on the phone with a male? I think he in in on the hoax because it seems unlikely that some girl would agree to pretend to be somebody for so long just to play along with some male mastermind's scam unless it was for money. I mean how much time some girl supposedly wasted talking to Te'o each night just to please this RT's absurd. If this girl was such a loser that she had hours every night available to trick some football player for no money, then she probably isn't interesting or sweet enough to actually get him to fall in love with her. Manti either had a homosexual relationship with Ronaiah Touisosomehting .....OR he was in on this hoax.
191 Days ago
Doesn't visit her in the hospital, doesn't go to her funeral~the love of his life...what a crock of S*** (all CAPS)!!! Chumps made mince meat out of every journalist who reported on this! Think it's about time the media end its love affair with the so-called "star" athletes, or art the very least, start fact-checking!
194 Days ago
TEO just as guilty as his friends now he has his friends trying to take all the blame
194 Days ago
Yuu're no longer a victim when you play up the story for personal gain ... Heisman, NFL draft, public empathy. Notre Dame's blind faith in a story they no little about is equally pathetic. ESPN and other media types made no effort to dig into the story ... because thos that make decisions are lazy and not journalists.
194 Days ago
Now I know why all the keyboards in here are sticky -Teo's Roommate
195 Days ago
Chi_Town_Sportznut in NoCal 
"after reported" - no pun intended
195 Days ago
Guess that explains why he played so poorly in the Nat'l title game.
196 Days ago
Maybe he just created her to get motivated for games.
196 Days ago
Be careful, OPRAH isn't going to be around forever..... .......AND, the TRUTH always catches up to YOU!!!
196 Days ago
"(T)he linebacker has been huddling Friday morning with family members and a team of advisers, who are trying to determine the best way for him to address the controversy. One scenario has him holding a press conference outside a funeral chapel."
196 Days ago
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