2014 NBA draft Big Board

  • Chad Ford [ARCHIVE]
  • ESPN Insider | November 11, 2013

The 2014 NBA draft is going to be epic. Our initial 2014 Big Board is one of the most talent laden I've ever seen. There are as many as five to eight future All-Stars in this group. A number of teams deliberately gutted their rosters this summer to try to get as high as possible in the 2014 lottery. The day after the draft, we debuted our first Top 100 of 2014.

The Top 100 is a reflection on the consensus of NBA scouts and general managers about a player's relative value in the draft. The Top 100 debuts each year the day after the NBA draft and finalizes the day of the draft. Our Big Board is a more detailed look at the Top 30 players (essentially the first round of the NBA Draft) in our Top 100. It tracks player movement and stock fluctuation as well as gives you the latest intel on from NBA scouts. The biggest takeaway from the Board? Not only is the top of the draft stacked, but Kentucky is unbelievably talented. We have seven Kentucky players in our Big Board -- something that's never happened before. So here it is … our first Big Board of 2014.

1. Andrew Wiggins

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