Kobe Bryant: Charges carry big risk
May 16, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Los Angeles Lakers forced only four turnovers from the Oklahoma City Thunder in Monday's 119-90 loss in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals. One way the Lakers could plan...
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grow a pair. you can argue about his being old, but if you play in the NBA you should be willing to sacrifice your body.
123 Days ago
How many times have we all seen Kobe throw both of his hands up in the air as he tries to sell a shooting foul. Kobe you were cooler when you stayed out of the media and just played your game. Hash tag worry more about the Thunder
125 Days ago
Kobe may not take charges but he is as just as much of an actor as anybody else who plays the game. Even so, taking charges/flopping, although a legitimate concern, are not the reason the Lakers lost both games 1 and 2 to the Thunder. Stop whining about little things Kobe and learn how to win a freakin playoff game!
125 Days ago
Kobe doesn't flop? How about that little pumpfake move where you get the guy in the air and lean into him and throw up some garbage shot, isn't that a flop? If Kobe isn't a flopper than the Lakers are taking this series
125 Days ago
Kobe took a jab at Wade (biggest flopping player in the nba)
125 Days ago
u cant handIe the truth 
Kobe flopped in the 3rd Quarter when Harden was going to the hole.... Stop the BS
125 Days ago
Doesn't Kobe tend to jump pass and flair his arms like he got hit like 10x a game? Or am I imagining things? And I agree with the many people who said it takes real skill and balls to contest the shot, not just sit there holding your own
125 Days ago
Before even reading this article I thought of Scottie Pippen. Karl Malone was a dirty player - he really did try to injure him in the finals and that's exactly what happened. Kobe's right IMO. If you don't have to take the charge, why risk getting beat up & injured? He's absolutely right. It's one of those moments where you have to think about your career and the overall long-run than that one play... which is just one play out of 100 in a given NBA game. I'm no Kobe superfan, but the guy makes sense there. I hated seeing Pippen injured like that. But on the flip side, glad that Malone doesn't have a title.
125 Days ago
REALLY Kobe?! You are the master of what I call the "offensive flop" or "The Flail" as I like to call it. If you so much as breathe on Kobe while he's driving or especially shooting, he'll throw his body back and wave his arms around like he's Kermit the Frog celebrating! He's just lobbying to make it even easier for him to score and drive the lane. I hope he never wins another title as long as he's in the league. IMO, the two things that make the NBA hard to watch are the favoritism in calls for "superstars" and this new trend of guys as soon as they're fouled attempting a "shot" no matter where the are on the floor. Also, I can't stand the NBA "continuation" rule as well.
125 Days ago
wow, this guy is a $@%!$@ bag, seriously.... saying he doesn't flop, obviously you dont take $@%!$@ charges because you are scared to sacrifice for your team... and for you to say you dont flop... you are right, you punch when you miss a shot, you smack when you miss a shot, and you elbow when you miss a shot to try and get the ball from someone, shut the $@%! up, you're heartless and have absolutely 0 class... comparing yourself to pippen's bird's magic's jordans' no... they had heart, you're just a $@%!$ with money that expects to have everyone bow down b/c of shaq and pau carrying your sorry $@%
125 Days ago
Kobe flops...a lot and when he doesnt flop he flails
125 Days ago
it is a well known fact that Duke only teaches how to FLOP! http://youtu.be/s0upQDkY-pg
125 Days ago
kobe, we need you to take charges & flop too. We just can't count on you to contribute in any other way. Laker teammates
125 Days ago
Of course he's not worried about flopping. He can literally elbow you in the face and the foul will be called on your face. Ask Mike Bibby.
126 Days ago
Have it YOUR way, but taking ONE CHARGE - simply plugging up the path to the hoop FOR ONCE - would have meant, series tied at 1-1 tonight! ONE!!!
126 Days ago
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