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Russell Westbrook gets married; you'll never believe what he wore

OK, so you might believe what he wore.Still, Russell Westbrook is known for his distinctive, rather unusual style of dress.Which means it might come as a surprise that, for his wedding this weekend to longtime sweetheart Nina Earl, Westbrook went ...
D'Angelo Russell talks about that Tracy McGrady tweet, 'spoiled' Lakers fans

D'Angelo Russell sent out a since-deleted tweet earlier this month, claiming that the talented-but-oft-injured Tracy McGrady "might have been the GOAT."This raised eyebrows; after all, Russell's new Los Angeles Lakers teammate is Kobe Bryant -- ...
Shark takes big bite out of surfer's board; surfer swims away unhurt

A shark attack. It's one of the known hazards of surfing -- as Mick Fanning's encounter showed -- but that doesn't make it less scary when it happens.Just ask Elinor Dempsey, who was surfing off the coast of Morro Bay, California, Saturday morning ...
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