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Toyota Team Spotlight: Travis Rice

Adrian Peterson didn't think that was a face mask penalty (and other social reaction to the Packers' crazy win)

The Thursday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, well, it had a finish.Aaron Rodgers hit Richard Rodgers for a 61-yard Hail Mary touchdown with zeroes on the clock, one play after a controversial face mask penalty ...
Who was better -- Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan?

Kobe Bryant is saying goodbye. Tim Duncan isn't -- but he surely will soon. (Right?)Both players soared over their generational counterparts and won five titles each, albeit in different ways. Kobe flashy, Duncan subdued. Kobe with mountainous highs ...
Boxing with Brian Campbell
Vote: If Peyton Manning does not retire after this season, should he go to the Rams?
Vote: What is the best event during All-Star weekend?
Vote: Is Johnny Manziel more of a liability than asset to an NFL team?
Vote: Which was the best NBA highlight?
Vote: Who is the biggest NBA All-Star Game snub?
Vote: Who will be remembered as the better quarterback?
Vote: If you were the GM of a new NBA franchise, which player would you choose to build your team around?
Vote: Should PED use -- proven/admitted, not suspected -- keep a player out of the Hall of Fame?
Vote: Who is the current face of the NBA?
Vote: Which Kobe Bryant number should the Lakers retire?
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