Malignaggi weighs in on Broner's flaws
He's been telling us, and not in subtle fashion, not resorting to hints or implications. No, Paul Malignaggi has told us for a long spell that Adrien Broner is not the heir apparent, not the new Floyd Mayweather, definitely not the future of boxing, as the fighter himself has been stating for the last couple of years.

The happiest man in Brooklyn
Maybe the happiest man in Brooklyn on Saturday night was at the Barclays Center, and no, it wasn’t one of the fighters. It was advisor to fighters, Anthony Catanzaro, who was finally able to exhale and allow himself a deep grin when Paul Malignaggi made it 3-for-3.

Old pros Malignaggi, Judah look to Dec. 7
Both men can be combustible, and often are.Paul Malignaggi showed his zest for trash talk not long ago at the presser to announce his Dec. 7 clash, "The Battle of Brooklyn," against Zab Judah, when he laced into the media for being know-nothings more interested in parading their ignorance and delving into National Enquirer-level material than being respectable journalists.

Bracero wants Garcia, or Zab-Paulie winner
Sunset Park, Brooklyn, product Gabriel Bracero is pulsing with desire. The welterweight is coming off his career best win, and it is quite clear he feels he is in a preordained position, his time has come and the spoils of his toil and combat are soon to be his.

Bid on Super Bowl tix at 'Teddy' dinner
Teddy Atlas remembers one night he stayed up past his bedtime.It was 1966 or so. He sat at the kitchen table of his family's home on Staten Island, waiting up for his dad.

Area kids meet and greet Malignaggi
Paul Malignaggi is getting closer to that point when his gameface is affixed on his visage 24/7. He meets fellow Brooklyn native Zab Judah on Dec. 7 at Barclays Center, in a welterweight tussle dubbed "The Battle of Brooklyn.

Could Malignaggi-Judah lead to 'Money'?
Floyd Mayweather has emerged as the face of boxing this year. His Sept. 14 bout against Canelo Alvarez vaulted him to another level of awareness in the minds of folks outside the hardcore fight crowd, including casual viewers of boxing.

Mellow Zab, fiery Paulie hype Dec. 7 bout
Both boxers are coming off clashes they lost at Barclays Center, scraps which featured heated trash talking. But Zab Judah and Paul Malignaggi were on their best behavior Tuesday afternoon as they hyped their Battle of Brooklyn, which will unfold at Barclays Center on Dec.

Showtime, HBO both have boxing Dec. 7
Fight fans, fire up the DVRs, because we have a dueling dates situation emerging, on Dec. 7.Showtime will present fights taking place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn that evening, and HBO will also put on a show, topped by a Guillermo Rigondeaux title defense against Ghana-born Bronx resident Joseph Agbeko.

Catanzaro has 'great problem' on Dec. 7
On the night of December 7, Brooklyn's Anthony Catanzaro will be the slightest bit frazzled, but in a good way.A boxer he advises, welterweight Paul Malignaggi, will be fighting at Barclays Center against Zab Judah, on Showtime.

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