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DeMarcus Cousins tries -- and fails -- to become the third 'Splash Brother'
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined to hit 484 3-pointers last season, making their nickname of the "Splash Brothers" more than appropriate. It seems like DeMarcus Cousins, who is practicing with Curry as part of Team USA and hit zero ...

Minimalist portraits show Barry Sanders, Kareem, more like you've never seen them
We know the images of sports well, through awe-inspiring photographs and embedded-in-our-brains highlights.This artist, though, is looking at the athletes and coaches we love a little differently. Well, OK, a lot differently. With some of the most ...

Must-see: Kid asks Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher if Luis Suarez ever bit him
Jamie Carragher is a Liverpool legend, a Merseyside native and defender who made 737 appearances for the club and helped it win the 2005 Champions League title.But who cares about all that? During a recent autograph session with a host of ...

Brian Hoyer to start over Johnny Manziel
New Jersey farm pays tribute to Derek Jeter with an amazing corn maze of his face
On his retirement tour, Derek Jeter has received plenty of tributes. Television commercials. Commemorative videos. Gifts such as subway tiles, a surfboard and a fine bottle of wine.And now, a five-acre corn maze in New Jersey:That, via computer ...

Minor league manager has epic meltdown after being ejected
Myrtle Beach Pelicans manager Joe Mikulik has a history of demonstrative reactions to calls that he feels have been made in error. He has thrown bases, poured water on home plate and re-enacted the plays in question for the umpires' benefit. To the ...

Gentry Stein's championship-winning yo-yo routine is something else
Gentry Stein, 18, won the 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague just a few days ago, and judging from this video, he totally deserved it:Seriously, this guy is better at yo-yoing than any of us have ever been at anything. We could barely even "walk the ...

7-5 Sim Bhullar is the first player of Indian descent to sign with an NBA team
You might have seen Sim Bhullar playing for New Mexico State in last season's NCAA tournament. He's tough to miss -- Bhullar stands at 7-foot-5 and is listed at 360 pounds.Sacramento Kings fans might be seeing more of Bhullar soon, as they signed ...

Should Bonds, Clemens be Hall of Famers?
Your take on the 2014-15 NBA schedule?
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