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Find out which athlete your state Googles the most -- it might surprise you
It looks like the United States has LeBron James on its collective mind.LeBron topped the list of the most-Googled athletes in the country, coming in first in 24 of 50 states, according to His influence extends into unexpected ...

Elementary school kid shows off double-move, catches pass from Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning took some time Tuesday to throw passes at a local elementary school. But he didn't have to go all "Saturday Night Live" on the students. Not after one of them pulled off this vicious double-move to get open:Considering the success ...

Albert Pujols joins the 500 home run club
Watch competitive eater Matt Stonie down 100 marshmallow Peeps in 130 seconds
Still struggling to finish all that Easter candy? It's OK. We know you're not Matt Stonie, Major League Eating's second-ranked competitor who once downed four Chipotle burritos in three minutes.To celebrate the holiday this year, Stonie consumed 100 ...

Should the Knicks have fired Woodson?
Crazy San Antonio fan gets epic "Mount Spursmore" haircut for playoffs
The Spurs' four best players now live on the head of a man from Texas. A customer at KardzMatic Barbershop in San Antonio got lifelike representations of Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, and Manu Ginobili shaved into his head, and the result ...

Will Jabari Parker excel in the NBA?
Astros misspell rising star's name on board
This was supposed to be the Summer of George -- as in, the season when long-suffering Houston Astros fans got to enjoy seeing highly touted prospect George Springer. But on the day the 24-year-old outfielder made his major league debut (a.k.a. ...

J.J. Watt proves he's young fan's friend
According to J.J. Watt, one young fan named Trey was having trouble proving to his schoolmates that he was friends with the Houston Texans' star defensive end. So Watt made this ...

Kobe Bryant on Twitter -- 'Flush' 2013-14
Kobe Bryant missed all but six games in 2013-14 due to injury. This forced him to watch as the Los Angeles Lakers set a franchise record for most losses since the team moved to Southern California (55, with one game left). Surprise: He wasn't happy, ...

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