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Takeru Kobayashi took on a tiny hamster in a hot dog eating contest
Takeru Kobayashi is the most dominant competitive eater in recorded history, a title he earned by scarfing down massive quantities of hot dogs, burgers, burritos and (horrifyingly) 17.7 pounds of cow brains.He may have met his match, however, in the ...

Your mid-Sept. MLB playoff predictions?
Things got medieval when these dudes used a catapult to launch some trick shots
Medieval siege weapons were kind of amazing. We're talking massive battering rams, mutant crossbows and wheeled towers bristling with archers. Our personal favorite is the trebuchet, a type of catapult that uses a counterweight on one end and a rope ...

Infamous LeSean McCoy 20-cent tip receipt on eBay, going for nearly $100,000
Remember this infamous receipt, the one from Philadelphia burger place PYT on which LeSean McCoy left a 20-cent tip for what he called "bad service"?PYT Burger/pytburger.comWell, it's apparently up for auction on eBay, posted by, according to Philly.

Rugby player fakes out opponents with clever behind-the-back non-pass
You've got to be some combination of strong, fast and (most of all) tough to play rugby, but don't discount smarts. Arkansas State University scrumhalf Mike Baska decided to use his head in a recent match against the University of Arkansas, pulling ...

Thoughts on NFL Week 2 storylines?
Your UEFA Champions League predictions?
Watch this adorable baby bear play with a flagstick and steal someone's golf ball
Fuzzy animals = bliss. Fuzzy animals and sports? Even better.Given those facts, we present you with these 134 wonderful seconds, via Andi Dzilums on YouTube, during which a baby bear -- after wandering onto a green at a British Columbia golf course ...

Parents turn daughter's Ray Rice jersey into positive message
Talking to young children about horrific stories in the news is a challenge for all parents. Ravens fan Bryan Bartlett could have thrown away his daughter's Ray Rice jersey after video surfaced of the running back striking his then-fiancée, Janay ...

The Blue Jays played with a baby tiger and a baby lion before Tuesday's game
There is nothing more adorable on this planet than a vicious, killer, man-eating animal that happens to be a baby. Baby bears, baby wolves, baby ... well, maybe not baby scorpions, but you get the idea. The Blue Jays found this out firsthand ...

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