DateRecent/This Week's Events 
Oct 31TFC 31: Titan Fighting Champ. 31
Nov 1CWFC 73: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 73
Nov 1Invicta FC 9: Honchak vs. Hashi
Nov 2Pancrase: 262
Nov 6TPF 21: All or Nothing
Nov 7RFA 20: Mercado vs. Sanders
Nov 7One FC 22: Battle of Lions
Nov 8UFC Fight Night 56: Shogun vs. Saint Preux
Nov 8UFC Fight Night 55: Rockhold vs. Bisping
DateScheduled Events 
Nov 11M-1 Challenge 53: Battle in the Celestial Empire
Nov 14LFC 37: Legacy Fighting Champ. 37
Nov 15UFC 180: Werdum vs. Hunt
Nov 15WSOF 15: Branch vs. Okami
Nov 15BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 131
Nov 15CWFC 74: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 74
Nov 20TFC 32: Titan Fighting Champ. 32
Nov 21Showdown Fights 15: Castillo vs. Marunde
Nov 22UFC Fight Night 57: Edgar vs. Swanson
Dec 5One FC 23: Warrior's Way
Dec 5RFA 21: Ambrose vs. Baghdad
Dec 6BAMMA 17: Fletcher vs. Brightmon
Dec 6UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler 2
Dec 6KSW 29
Dec 12TUF 20 Finale
Dec 13UFC on FOX 13
Dec 13WSOF 16: Palhares vs. Fitch
Dec 13WSOF 16
Dec 19One FC 24: Dynasty of Champions
Dec 20UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs. Dollaway
Dec 20Invicta FC 10
Dec 20Invicta FC 10
DatePast Results 
Oct 25UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2
Oct 24BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 130
Oct 18BFC: 2014 Monster Energy Cup
Oct 17BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 129
Oct 17LFC 36: Legacy Fighting Champ. 36
Oct 17One FC 21: Roar of Tigers
Oct 11WSOF 14: Shields vs. Ford
Oct 10RFA 19: Checco vs. Collier
Oct 10BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 128
Oct 5Pancrase: 261
Oct 4UFC Fight Night 54: MacDonald vs. Saffiedine
Oct 4KSW 28: Fighters' Den
Oct 4UFC Fight Night 53: Nelson vs. Story
Oct 3MFC 41: Maximum Fighting Champ. 41
Oct 3BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 127
Oct 3BattleGrounds MMA 5: One Night Elimination
Sep 27UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso
Sep 26TFC 30: Titan Fighting Champ. 30
Sep 26LFC 35: Legacy Fighting Champ. 35
Sep 26BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 126
Sep 20UFC Fight Night 52: Hunt vs. Nelson
Sep 20WFF: World Fighting Federation 16
Sep 19PFC: Prestige Fighting Champ. 6
Sep 19GFA 27: The Stage
Sep 19BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 125
Sep 19Tech-Krep Fighting Champ.: Prime 3
Sep 19KOTC: Madness
Sep 13WSOF 13: Moraes vs. Bollinger
Sep 13CWFC 72: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 72
Sep 13BAMMA 16: Daley vs. da Rocha
Sep 13UFC Fight Night 51: Silva vs. Arlovski
Sep 12RFA 18: Manzanares vs. Pantoja
Sep 12BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 124
Sep 12One FC 20: Rise of the Kingdom
Sep 7M-1 Challenge 51: Fightspirit
Sep 6Invicta FC 8: Waterson vs. Tamada
Sep 6TAC: Top Alliance Combat 3
Sep 6House of Fame: A New Dawn
Sep 5HFC: Havoc Fighting Champ. 6
Sep 5BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 123
Sep 5UFC Fight Night 50: Souza vs. Mousasi
Aug 30UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto
Aug 30Road FC 18: Road Fighting Champ. 18
Aug 29LFC 34: Legacy Fighting Champ. 34
Aug 29One FC 19: Reign of Champions
Aug 29Fight Time 20
Aug 23UFC Fight Night 48: Bisping vs. Le
Aug 23IGF: Inoki Genome Fight 2
Aug 23UFC Fight Night 49: Henderson vs. dos Anjos
Aug 22CWFC 71: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 71
Aug 22RFA 17: Cochrane vs. Giagos
Aug 22TFC 29: Titan Fighting Champ. 29
Aug 16CWFC 70: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 70
Aug 16UFC Fight Night 47: Bader vs. Saint Preux
Aug 15M-1 Challenge 50: Battle of Neva
Aug 15Arena Tour 3: Moore vs. Tirloni
Aug 10LOP: Chaos at the Casino 5
Aug 9Deep: Jewels 5
Aug 9RITC: Rage in the Cage 173
Aug 9League S-70: Plotforma
Aug 9WSOF 12: Palomino vs. Gonzalez
Aug 9CFFC 38: Felder vs. Johnson
Aug 7TPF 20: Night of Champions
Aug 2WFN: Warrior Fight Night 2
Aug 2V3 Fights: Wester vs. Brewer
Aug 2MMASH: MMA Super Heroes 5
Aug 2VFC: Victory Fighting Champ. 43
Aug 2BAMMA Fight Night: Pascu vs. Chadwick
Aug 1Rebel Fighting Champ. 2: Battle Royale
Jul 26UFC on FOX 12: Lawler vs. Brown
Jul 26ECC: Fireworks
Jul 26WFC 25: Brawl at the Beach
Jul 26ECC 21: The Contenders
Jul 26Driller Promotions: Live MMA at 7 Clans Casino
Jul 25RFA 16: Copeland vs. Jorgensen
Jul 25BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 122
Jul 19UFC Fight Night 46: McGregor vs. Brandao
Jul 19408 Fights: Battle of the Bay 3
Jul 19Gladiators of the Cage: The Road to Glory 7
Jul 18SCL: Heat
Jul 18LFC 33: Legacy Fighting Champ. 33
Jul 16UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs. Miller
Jul 13Grandslam MMA: Way of the Cage
Jul 1224/7 Entertainment 13: Fight Night
Jul 11One FC 18: War of Dragons
Jul 6TUF 19 Finale
Jul 5UFC 175: Weidman vs. Machida
Jul 5WSOF 11: Gaethje vs. Newell
Jul 3Twins MMA 6: Galaxy Fight Night
Jun 29Pancrase: 259
Jun 28UFC Fight Night 43: Te Huna vs. Marquardt
Jun 28UFC Fight Night 44: Swanson vs. Stephens
Jun 28Vale Tudo Japan: VTJ 5th in Osaka
Jun 28Fight Select: Fight One
Jun 28Showdown Fights 14: Heavyweight Collision
Jun 28MFN: Mix Fight Night 5
Jun 28WFF: World Fighting Federation 14
Jun 27MCC 54: Midwest Cage Champ. 54
Jun 21Triple X Cagefighting: Legends 4
Jun 21FCC 10: Full Contact Contender 10
Jun 21CFFC 36: Good vs. Secor
Jun 21WSOF 10: Branch vs. Taylor
Jun 20LFC 32: Legacy Fighting Champ. 32
Jun 19TPF 19: Throwback Thursday
Jun 14Fight Night Finland: Helsinki Fight Night
Jun 14One FC 17: Era of Champions
Jun 14TFC: Tesla Fighting Champ. 4
Jun 14UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov
Jun 13LFC 31: Legacy Fighting Champ. 31
Jun 13HKFC: School of Hard Knocks 37
Jun 7RUFF Fu: Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation Fu
Jun 7BFC: Blackout Fighting Champ. 23
Jun 7M-1 Challenge 49: Battle in the Mountains
Jun 7BAMMA Fight Night: Askham vs. Nunes
Jun 7BC: Bitetti Combat 20
Jun 7NAAFS: Fight Night in the Flats 10
Jun 7RITC: Rage in the Cage 172
Jun 7EB: Beatdown at 4 Bears 11
Jun 7CWFC 69: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 69
Jun 7UFC Fight Night 42: Henderson vs. Khabilov
Jun 7WSOF Canada 2
Jun 6BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 121
Jun 6Reality Fighting: Mohegan Sun
Jun 6RFA 15: Casey vs. Sanchez
May 31XFMMA: X-Fight MMA 8
May 31AF: Arena Fight 6
May 31NAFC: Mega Brawl
May 31UFC - TUF Brazil 3 Finale
May 31Road FC 15: Road Fighting Champ. 15
May 31UFC Fight Night 41: Munoz vs. Mousasi
May 31SHC 9: Cha vs. Garcia
May 31UCL: Torres vs. Choate
May 31Driller Promotions: Mecca 5
May 30One FC 16: Honor and Glory
May 30100% Fight 22: Supreme League Finals
May 30SCC: Substance Cage Combat 2.0
May 30MMASH: MMA Super Heroes 4
May 30Fight Time 19: Battle of the Brave
May 30COTC: Conquest of the Cage 16
May 25Coliseum FC: New History 3
May 25Deep: Fujisan Festival
May 25Pro Fighting: Pro FC 9
May 24PACF: PA Cage Fight 18
May 24Ural Fight League: Resurrection
May 24UFC 173: Barao vs. Dillashaw
May 23EMMA 9: Mark Your Time
May 23Unified: MMA 19
May 23BFL 30: Battlefield Fight League
May 21MMAFN: MMA Fight Night 2
May 18Deep: Jewels 4
May 17AFC 9 - Australian Fighting Champ. 9
May 17FEFoMP: Mayor Cup 2014
May 17KSW 27: Cage Time
May 17UWC EVT: Duarte vs. Beristain
May 17LFN 10: Fight Night 10
May 17Power Fight Extreme 11
May 17BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 120
May 17BattleGrounds MMA 4: Fight Night
May 17Xplode Fight Series: Adrenaline
May 17Honneur et Gloire: Honor and Glory Fight Night 3
May 16AFC 21: The Return
May 16TFC 28: Titan Fighting Champ. 28
May 16ROC 48: Ring of Combat 48
May 16ICF: Intense Champ. Fighting 13
May 16PFC: Prestige Fighting Champ. 5
May 11Pancrase: 258
May 10HKFC: School of Hard Knocks 36
May 10Talent MMA Circuit 9: Sao Jose dos Pinhais 2014
May 10UFC Fight Night 40: Brown vs. Silva
May 10XKO- Xtreme Knockout 22
May 10AFL 1: Ansgar Fighting League 1
May 9MFC 40: Crowned Kings
May 9BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 119
May 9Square Ring Promotions: Island Fights 28
May 9Arena MMA: Fabinski vs. Herb
May 9PC MMA: Pinnacle Combat 16
May 5Shooto: 4th Round 2014
May 3SC X: Helsingborg
May 3CWFC 68: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 68
May 3CS: CageSport 30
May 3Gladiators of the Cage: Road to Glory 6
May 3LFFC: La Familia Fight Night 5
May 3IXFA 10: Delta Downs
May 2FTF 7: Face to Face 7
May 2One FC 15: Rise of Heroes
May 2Xplode Fight Series: Anger
May 2BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 118
May 2HFC: Havoc Fighting Champ. 5
Apr 29Deep: 66 Impact
Apr 27GSF: Gringo Super Fight 10
Apr 26FMC: Premium 2
Apr 26KOTC: Clockwork
Apr 26TWC 23: Ego Trip
Apr 263RT: 3 River Throwdown 5
Apr 26Shamrock Events: Kings of Kombat 12
Apr 26WFC 9: Mitchell vs. Jara
Apr 26USFFC 18: Metal and Mayhem
Apr 26UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira
Apr 26SCL: Army vs. Marines 5
Apr 19LFC: Lyon Fighting Champ. 3
Apr 19SFFN 24: New Era
Apr 19UFC on FOX 11: Werdum vs. Browne
Apr 18BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 117
Apr 18Cage Warriors Fight Night 11
Apr 17FCOC: Fight Club OC
Apr 16UFC - TUF Nations: Canada vs. Australia Finale
Apr 12LOP: Chaos at the Casino 4
Apr 12Battle for the Border 3: Nations Collide
Apr 12PFC 6: Pancrase Fighting Champ.
Apr 12CFX 24: Unfiltered
Apr 12Talent MMA Circuit 8: Valinhos 2014
Apr 12CWFC 67: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 67
Apr 11BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 116
Apr 11UFC Fight Night 39: Minotauro vs. Nelson
Apr 11RFA 14: Manzanares vs. Maranhao
Apr 6ProFC 53: Khachatryan vs. Egorov
Apr 6Combat Games MMA: Super Brawl 1
Apr 5100% Fight 20: Comeback
Apr 5BAMMA 15: Thompson vs. Selmani
Apr 5Fight Alliance Promotions: Gladiator Fighting 1
Apr 5JF: Jungle Fight 68
Apr 5IGF: Inoki Genome Fight 1
Apr 5APFC 16: American Predator Champ. 16
Apr 4BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 115
Apr 4LFC 30: Legacy Fighting Champ. 30
Apr 4Shooto Brazil: Shooto Brazil 47
Apr 4M-1 Global: M-1 Challenge 47
Mar 30MMASH: MMA Super Heroes 3
Mar 30Pancrase: 257
Mar 29WFF: World Fighting Federation 13
Mar 29ECC: Extreme Combat Challenge
Mar 29WSOF 9: Carl vs. Palhares
Mar 29Talent MMA Circuit 7: Osasco 2014
Mar 29RUFF 12: Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation 12
Mar 28Fight Nights: Battle of Moscow 15
Mar 28BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 114
Mar 28Cage Warriors Fight Night 10
Mar 28BAMMA USA: Badbeat 12
Mar 23UFC Fight Night 38: Shogun vs. Henderson
Mar 22KSW 26: Materia vs. Silva
Mar 22Deep: 65 Impact
Mar 22CFFC 33: Felder vs. Stevens
Mar 22IADF: International Association Diamond Fight
Mar 22CWFC 66: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 66
Mar 22CRMMA: Costa Rica MMA 1
Mar 22100% Fight 19: Supreme League Round 2
Mar 22Europa MMA: Coga vs. Backstrom
Mar 22Xplode Fight Series: Fire
Mar 22SCL: Undisputed
Mar 21Tech-Krep Fighting Champ.: Prime
Mar 21XFO 50: Xtreme Fighting Organization 50
Mar 21LFC 29: Legacy Fighting Champ. 29
Mar 21BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 113
Mar 16Shooto: 2nd Round 2014
Mar 15VFC: Victory Fighting Champ. 42
Mar 15Caged Aggression 12: Night Two
Mar 15UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler
Mar 15PLMMA 29: Extra
Mar 14BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 112
Mar 14One FC 14: War of Nations
Mar 14TCT: Texas City Throwdown 1
Mar 14M-1 Global: M-1 Challenge 46
Mar 14Rumble Time Promotions: Destruction
Mar 9Road FC Korea 2: Korea vs. Japan
Mar 8PCFN: Pheasant City Fight Night
Mar 8PFC 2: Provincial Fighting Champ. 2
Mar 8UFC Fight Night 37: Gustafsson vs. Manuwa
Mar 7MMAA: MMAA Arena 3
Mar 7BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 111
Mar 7RFA 13: Cochrane vs. Escudero
Mar 6KOTC - Beaten Path
Mar 2Absolute Champ. Berkut: Grand Prix Berkut 1
Mar 1NAAFS: Driven MMA 1
Mar 1Pro MMA Challenge 1: Drwal vs. Heleno
Mar 1FWC: Fightway Challenge 8
Mar 1UXC: Underdog Xtreme Champ. 2
Mar 1OMMAC 20: War of the Worlds
Mar 1CWFC 65: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 65
Mar 1WFF: World Fighting Federation 12
Mar 1UFC - TUF China Finale
Feb 28TFC 27: Titan Fighting Champ. 27
Feb 28BFC: Bellator Fighting Champ. 110
Feb 28PXC: Pacific Xtreme Combat 42
Feb 28RDC MMA: Reto de Campeones 3
Feb 28COTC: Conquest of the Cage 15
Feb 28RFC 30: Turf Wars
Feb 23Vale Tudo Japan: VTJ 4th
Feb 22UFC 170: Rousey vs. McMann
Feb 22EMMA 8: European MMA 8
Feb 22KOTC: Radar Lock
Feb 22Triple X Cagefighting: Legends 3
Feb 22GOTA: Gods of the Arena 3
Feb 22Talent MMA Circuit 6: Etapa Curitiba 2014
Feb 22Voronezh MMA Federation: Fight Riot 3
Feb 21WSOF Canada: Ford vs. Powell
Feb 21LFC 28: Legacy Fighting Champ. 28
Feb 21WNXFA: Warrior Nation XFA 8
Feb 21JHEFN: Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night 21
Feb 21RDC MMA: Reto de Campeones 2
Feb 16Deep: Jewels 3
Feb 15CWFC 64: Cage Warriors Fighting Champ. 64
Feb 15Conflict MMA: Carolina Cage Fights 16
Feb 15OC: Oplot Challenge 100
Feb 15UCL: Havoc in Hammond
Feb 15WFC 8: Avila vs. Berkovic
Feb 15UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi
Feb 15100% Fight 18: VIP
Feb 15MF: Mexico Fighter 5
Feb 13KOTC: Unleashed
Feb 9Road FC 14: Road Fighting Champ. 14
Feb 8NEF 12: New England Fights 12
Feb 8VFC: Junction City 5
Feb 8FFC: Fair FC
Feb 8C3 Fights: Border Wars 2014
Feb 8Square Ring Promotions: Island Fights 27
Feb 8Fight Lab 35: Misery Loves Company 6
Feb 8NCF: Nitrix Champion Fight 19
Feb 7Fight To Win: Prize Fighting Champ. 5
Feb 7Fight Time 18: Guts & Glory
Feb 7Warfare 11: Redux
Feb 6TPF 18: Tachi Palace Fights 18
Feb 6BC: Bitetti Combat 19
Feb 6Twins MMA 4: Nobrega vs. Mitkov
Feb 2JF: Jungle Fight 65
Feb 2Pancrase: 256
Feb 1UFC 169: Barao vs. Faber 2
Feb 1TFN: Western Siberia Cup
Jan 31LFC 27: Legacy Fighting Champ. 27
Jan 25Destiny MMA: Na Koa 4
Jan 25SCS 21: No Surrender
Jan 25ECC 19: Showdown
Jan 25UFC on FOX 10: Henderson vs. Thomson
Jan 24Showdown Fights 13: Castillo vs. Lopez
Jan 24ROC 47: Ring of Combat 47
Jan 24RFA 12: Ortega vs. Koch
Jan 18Road FC: Korea 1
Jan 18WSOF 8: Gaethje vs. Patishnock
Jan 18Xplode Fight Series: Aggression
Jan 18Gladiator Challenge: Kaboom
Jan 18XFL: Xtreme Fight Night 16
Jan 18BFL 27: Battlefield Fight League
Jan 18Shamrock Promotions: Demolition
Jan 18Battlegrounds: MMA 3
Jan 18Rumble Time Promotions: Rumble at the Chase
Jan 18Rogue Fights 25: Fight Night 2
Jan 18Vengeance Fighting Alliance: VFA: Round 3
Jan 18V3 Fights: Johnson vs. Johnson
Jan 17HKFC: School of Hard Knocks 34
Jan 17JF: Jungle Fight 64
Jan 17MFC 39: No Remorse
Jan 16Triple A MMA 4: Caged Hostility
Jan 15UFC Fight Night 35: Rockhold vs. Philippou
Jan 13Shooto: 1st Round 2014
Jan 11Fight One: Fight Select 1
Jan 11Dakota FC 17: Winter Brawl 2014
Jan 11Dakota FC: Winter Brawl
Jan 11Driller Promotions: Mecca 3
Jan 4UFC Fight Night 34: Saffiedine vs. Lim
Jan 4UPC Unlimited: Up & Comers 18
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