Christy Martin's husband found guilty news services
April 27, 2012

A Florida jury on Friday convicted the husband of boxer Christy Martin for attempted second-degree murder, the Orlando Sentinel reported.James Martin, 68, was found guilty of all three counts against...
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in all honesty its terrible what happened here. james throws the rest of his life away that he will never get back. all for nothing. should of moved on and lived on a beach and enjoyed the rest of your life. and im sure christy probably looks at life in a totally different way now. life is a very precious thing and alot of people waste it.
138 Days ago
He lost control of the Coal Miner's Daughter and ultimately himself.
138 Days ago
eye could see something of the same sort of this case right here locally,over the past 4 months,but,they locked the dude up monday or tuesday before it happened.
139 Days ago
Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want you anyway? And why try to kill them for it? Ridiculous. Hope he enjoys his time in jail.
140 Days ago
I don't know about the first sentence in your comment. I've been in love with a woman who ended up not wanting me. But the difference is that if I'm really in love with a woman I'm not going to try and harm her. I just had to deal with the heartbreak and try to move on. That guy was stupid for trying to kill her. I agree with you on that part.
140 Days ago 
I think James Martin just flipped out when he found out not only was his wife leaving him but she was leaving him for a woman. Not to excuse what he did to his ex-wife but to explain it; he needed to just walk out and leave her be, she didn't want to be with him, obviously, and all he did was add injury to insult.
140 Days ago
140 Days ago
2nd comment
140 Days ago
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