Alerts Unavailable

ESPN Alerts are no longer available through your carrier. We share your disappointment but remind you that our service remains available across most other US Carriers. You can still access ESPN through the mobile web on data-enabled phones or by downloading the ESPN ScoreCenter application on Android phones.

If you would like to change the phone number on your account to a different carrier, click here

ESPN Alerts are available to subscribers of:
- Verizon
- AT&T
- Sprint/Nextel/Boost
- T-Mobile
- Alltel
- Virgin
- nTelos
- Cellular South
- Cellcom
- US Cellular
- Rural Cellular (Unicell)
- East Kentucky Network
- Centennial
- Immix
- Cincinnati Bell
- West Central Wireless
- BlueGrass Cellular
- Cellular One of East Illinois (ECIT)
- ACS Wireless
- Cox Wireless
- GCI Communications
- Inland Cellular
- Nex-Tech Wireless
- Revol Wireless
- Thumb Cellular
- United
- Illinois Valley Cellular
- Hawkeye (Chat Mobility)
- Hawkeye (NW Missouri Cellular)
- Pioneer Cellular
- Pocket
- Simmetry Wireless
- Union Wireless


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